Fear management

The fear for dentists or actually the dental treatments still persists today even with all the progress done in technology.  40% of the population still doesn’t consult a dentist on a regular basis for many reasons, sometimes because of the costs related to dental treatments, but mostly out of fear of pain.  Pain management is done by anaesthesias and medication, but fear management can also be controlled.  Dentisterie Nancy Beaudoin offers different solutions to help you control your stress and anxiety levels.  Everything begins with the trust and confidence relationship.  A first encounter with Dr Beaudoin will make you realize that she has a great capacity to empathize and listen.  The other personnel in the clinic will also try to put you at ease.  Don’t be afraid to mention that you are afraid, you won’t be judged.  You are not alone, and many people experience the same problem.  In the eventuality that the anxiety level would be incontrollable by desensitizers or the comprehension of your treatments, anxiolytic medication can be given and dosed according to your level of fear.  Certain pills can be taken the evening before the appointment, and others that are stronger, can be taken one hour before your treatment.  In both cases, it is mandatory that you should be accompanied by someone, since you won’t be able to drive safely.  Medication can be given to adults, but can also be given to children, so there is no reason to go without proper dental treatments which have an impact on overall global health.