Velscope is a device that uses immunofluorescence to illuminate the cells inside the oral cavity to screen mouth cancers.  Mouth cancers are more and more frequent, and sadly, their prognoses are often very bad.  An early screening highly improves survival rates along with diminishing the consequences of treatments, such as having a section or a total oral structure removed like the tongue or the jaw bone.  Not being able to eat or speak are certain of the numerous consequences of oral cancer treatments.  Who hasn’t heard of Celine Dion’s brother and husband that both were suffering from throat cancer?  The Velscope device is only a screening device and cannot diagnose a cancer on its own.  A biopsy is necessary for that measure, but if we can’t see anything, we can’t perform a biopsy!  Dr Beaudoin has had this device for about a year now and offers the screening freely to new patients.  She also recommends that you do it at least once a year.