Teeth whitening

Everyone wants a whiter smile and everyone knows that there are many ways to achieve this, but what is the right way for one’s self?  Your dentist is the best person that can answer that question because he knows your overall dental health and condition.  Although it works for many people, regular teeth whitening has its limits.  If you have many composit restorations (white fillings) or if you have one or many porcelain teeth, regular whitening treatments might not be the best solution for you, because the whitening products don’t work on restorations.  In addition, teeth whitening is highly unrecommended if you have cavities or receiding gum lines, due to the hypersensativity the products can cause after treatments.  Products sold in pharmacies or in spas can be a very bad idea, because there isn’t any strict monitoring in the application of the product.  Even so, it is possible for you to get the perfect white smile you have always dreamed of.  Dr Beaudoin masters the art of dental aesthetics and will be able to discuss with you the best whitening solutions available for you.  Regular whitening treatments consist in applying peroxyde gel in trays that are especially conceived for your teeth.  This is done at home.  Other methods include accelerated treatments with UV lights or lasers.  Others can include porcelain facettes.  Finally, if you want a “one night smile”, it is possible to have it with the “Snap On Smile”.