White spot

White spots are visible on your teeth. One solution would be to damage the healthy tooth to hide the spot behind a veneer or a composite but neither you nor your dentist is ready to make that sacrifice. A non-invasive permanent solution that hides the appearance of this spot without taking away or adding anything! yes this is now possible. A new process that alters the way light reflects from the surface of your tooth and makes it almost imperceptible. This result is available in Dentistry Nancy Beaudoin. The reason your tooth has thisstain can vary .A white spot may have formed during trauma of tooth bud during a fall or a blow on your primary teeth, you had a malformation of your enamel formation or it appeared after prolonged wearing of braces. Whatever the cause, the appearance of the tooth follows from the fact that the internal structure of enamel is porous and thus does not reflect light in the same way that the dense enamel does.

To mitigate this porosity we place a resin that fills the voids and therefore reduces enormously the appearance of the spot. A one-hour  treatment without anesthesia and a result that varies from 60% to 90% and does not prevent you from doing teeth whitening in the future. To understand the technique we’ve posted a video on You tube. I invite you to view it.