ITERO print taking

For print taking, many methods exist.  Certain dentists use pastes that harden.  Dr Beaudoin takes prints digitally with a device called Itero.  This device is actually a high performance specialized camera that takes a reading of dental structures and reproduces them virtually in 3D in a powerful software.  In other words, the camera takes a series of consecutive pictures that are put together to then produce a virtual and precise model.  This method is much more precise than the paste method that unfortunately causes more mess.  Also, it is much more comfortable for the patients who have an important gag reflex caused by keeping the paste in the mouth for several minutes.  Digital prints are directly sent to the lab without any polluting transport.  Dr Beaudoin uses this device to take prints of traditional crowns and implant crowns, but mostly for orthodontic treatments (Invisalign).  We can also make an occlusal plate with this machinery.  Finally, Itero is also more precise than the well-known Cerec.