Allograft procedures for patients who have gingival recessions.  What does it mean?

“Allo” means that it comes from another person.  To resume briefly, this is a gum transplant from a donor.  This term also suits the bone graft used in implantology.  The great advantage is that we don’t need to take gum from the palate, and therefore, the procedure is much more comfortable.

Gingival recession is a progressive gum loss on one or many teeth.  At first, it can appear as a cosmetic problem, but in the longer process, it can lead to dentin sensitivity, pain and even tooth loss.

Who needs allodermic gum grafting?

There are no restrictive conditions for gum grafting.  All who suffer from gum recession can benefit from this type of transplant.  There is no possible rejection because the graft is processed and sterilized.

What’s the procedure?

Dr. Nancy Beaudoin uses this type of graft since 2004.  She has obtained a great success rate because she follows a strict protocol.  The patient is treated in a sterile room, under local anesthetic only.  The tissue is inserted under the natural gum to strengthen it.  The result is durable and so aesthetic that it becomes invisible after healing.