Implant prosthesis

The dental implant is a versatile anchorage that can support a large variety of dental replacement structures. The most commonly understood version of dental implants is the unitary replacement of one lone tooth. However, when more than one tooth are missing and need to be replaced (especially when all the teeth of one full arch are missing), a prosthesis can be placed on a couple of implants. The most popular version of this procedure is to put four implants that will support a full denture. A good knowledge of bone biology and basic mechanic principles are important to easily combine dental implants to different prosthesis. The important thing is to plan correctly according to the patient’s desires and the possible limits of treatment.

Who should I consult?

In Quebec, the authorized people who are allowed to place implants are dentists that have acquired supplementary knowledge, such as continual education or a in a specialty. For fixed implant prosthesis, only educated dentists in implantology are allowed to proceed to treatment. It is often possible to visit two dentists or specialists to obtain the final result. If your dentist has the necessary knowledge in both fields (implantology and special restoration), you most possibly receive all your treatments from the same person.

What are Dre Beaudoin’s competences?

Dr Beaudoin is a general dentist that offers both surgery services as well as prosthesis treatments. She is highly qualified in both fields.

She has nearly 20 years of experience in both fields. She never stops participating in various courses, in order to always give the best high quality, modern and efficient services available in the world. She even has a university diploma of the Evry University in France in advanced implantology.