Snoring affects importantly an individual’s sleep, but also affects the quality of sleep of the spouse and family.  In fact, some snoring sounds can be heard almost two floors further.  A snorer’s kids can have more difficulty concentrating at school than others.  The limit between snoring which is a problem and sleep apnoea which is a disease is quite thin and needs specific investigation.  In both cases, treatment is highly recommended, because on the long run, the lack of deep sleep and the lack of oxygen to the brain and to the other organs of the body can have serious consequences.  Certain dentists have acquired the necessary experience in this field to evaluate the symptoms and guide you in a screening process.  The team that works with Dr Beaudoin has some knowledge with this and can help you make the right choice anti-snoring dental devices.  The production of a custom-made device assures you great comfort and an efficiency highly superior to the products sold on the internet.  For people who have dentures, other solutions are also possible.  Certain devices can be positionned on the tongue, rather than on the teeth.  The essential part of the treatment is to clear the respiratory system to allow the air to move liberally while you sleep.