Infection control

At Dentistry Nancy Beaudoin Inc., we use STATIM sterilisers, which are renowned for their efficiency and reliability. In this regard, please note that biological tests are performed monthly by an independent laboratory to test the efficacy of sterilizers and class 5 test performed daily. Thus, we are assured that the health of our customers will be protected from any potentially transmissible infection.

Your health and the health of our employees are essential to maintain this state; we follow all recommendations of the Orders of Dentists of Quebec and surpass them. Our new facilities are equipped with UV filters that clean the air constantly; these standards are required only for operating rooms of hospitals, however, the entire clinic benefits from this technology.

Our sterilization center is ultra-modern and is activated automatically, requires no manipulation, reducing the risk of cross contamination.

During your visit, we will be pleased to show you our processes.