Dr. Beaudoin, as a general dentist, offers to her customers orthodontic services since 2005.The free consultation that we offer includes a panoramic radiograph, the assessment of your pre-treatment needs and the final guaranteed price.

What distinguishes our clinic is that we offer more. In fact a smile with straight teeth is not enough; we want your friends to say WOW! It is for this reason that teeth’s whitening is included with all our Invisalign treatments.

Dental implant

Implants are used to replace missing roots and to keep in place the replacement teeth. It is a reliable treatment, which has proven itself and is suitable for almost any situation. You can regain confidence to smile and eat.

We perform here every step so you do not have to consult several specialists to complete your treatment. Expertise for over 16 years!

Take an appointment

For an appointment, please call us at 450 973-2305 or take it online.

You will receive within 48 hours, either by phone or e-mail, confirmation of your appointment or a proposal for a new time slot.

We accept any new patients of all ages.

The wheelchair access is effortless.