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3D scan

Dr Beaudoin directed much of her practise towards implantology.  The 3D imaging of dental and bone structures gives important information on the exact position of the nerves, the sinuses and even certain lesions.  Also, with this imaging, the dentist can determine to the nearest millimeter the depth and thickness of the bone in a given region.  It is an essential tool for certain dental procedures such as implants, wisdom teeth extractions, and also bone grafts.  Dentisterie Nancy Beaudoin offers this service for her patients but also offers it to other dentists who practice implantology, but don’t have the high technology machinery in their clinic.  Dr Beaudoin has the required level of skills to read and well interpret the information given by this type of x-ray.  The device that we have is very recent and the quality of its imaging is superior, without however over-exposing or giving unnecessary radiation.  A powerful image analyzing software makes it easy and secure for the patients and the dental professionals.  This software also helps in implant treatment planning because it guides the dentist on the optimal implant positioning.